Goa in Monsoon

Goa is a place where people usually visit during winters or sometimes in the spring. It is widely known for its beautiful beaches and good weather. But there’s a lot more to this beautiful little state than the sun, sand and surf, and the monsoon season is just the perfect time to discover that. This beautiful place looks even more beautiful in this season. I’d visited Goa during monsoon this year and the trip turned out to be magnificent!
In this post, I’ll be sharing with you, my monsoon experience of this heavenly place.

I was just going through few of my favourite travel websites and I found an article about visiting Goa in Monsoon. In the first place, I wasn’t much sure about it, to be very honest! 
But later we thought to give it a try and planned out our four-day visit to Goa.

Also, I’ll be sharing all the details regarding booking and the budget. This amazing trip costed us 25000 Indian Rupees per person, including everything (that is around $368).



Day 1

So it started from booking a cab from the airport to the resort. It took us almost two hours to reach there. But the route didn’t let us get bored. We took a few pictures there. The roads were wet. It passed through some of the most beautiful places ever. The canopy formed by the trees on either side of the road will leave you mesmerised. This whole beautiful journey costed us around 1800 Indian rupees ($26)!




In the very first days of our vacation, we planned to stay in Palolem, a beach situated in Canacona in southern Goa. This beach is one of the most famous beaches in Goa. We booked the Palolem Beach Resort, a resort with simple and beautiful rooms. We booked this amazing hotel for just 4500 Indian rupees ($66) for two days including breakfast. The beach was on a walking distance of two-three minutes from our room. And the best part? there were a number of shops near the resort. We didn’t shop before our trip this time as we planned to get some goan stuff. The shops there were outstanding. Shopkeepers were too friendly and helped us choosing from a number of options! After reaching the resort, We first rushed to see the beach 😛 It was a lovely view.




We get into some Goan clothes and went out on the roads to have an idea about what all we had near our resort. There were so many local shops, general stores and cafes and restaurants (and Beer & Wine shops too :P).

Everything around was so beautiful. Monsoon is the best time to get to see the real beauty of Goa. We had lunch at the Siola cafe which was a decent and lovely place. White Sauce Pasta and burritos are my favourites from there. Also, their cafe latte was so refreshing. The food was tempting and it costed us only 500 Indian rupees ($7)!

We went for the beach walk. It was raining that time and the ocean was looking even more tempting. Also, the weather can really be so unpredictable. It starts raining anytime, so always carry an umbrella with you!



In the evening, it was raining and the view from our resort’s restaurant was so captivating so we decided to relax there. We got the wifi package for 100 and did some Zomato search to find some amazing place to have dinner.  



Dropadi was the place where we finally decided to have dinner. We had already heard about the place from so many people. It is located on the corner of the main road where it meets the beach of Palolem. It is by far one of the most popular restaurants in Palolem. Our favorites from there are the Butter chicken, biryani and the coconut lassi. It will cost you around 1200 Indian rupees, for two, that is around $17.

And the day ended with a long beach walk.

Day 2

Second day started with a Delicious English Breakfast (it was included in our room package). We had around four-five options in the breakfast menu. After breakfast, we went for a beach walk and we met a guy who told us about the backwaters of Palolem and about the boat ride there. We discussed about all the details with him regarding the boat ride in backwaters of Palolem, took his number and negotiated the rate to 800 INR (400 INR per person) that is $11 for two. We decided to come for the boat ride the next day. From there we went to the road side market and bought some clothes, necklaces, hats and stuff. It was a great experience. The shopkeepers were super friendly. They will help you find the best thing. And yes, you must negotiate all the time! 😛 
While shopping we saw a restaurant, it was like a roadside hut with beautiful lights. Sadly I don’t remember the name of that beautiful place! Masala Tea and Cheese Pizza are my favorites from there. It costed us 800 INR ($11) for the lunch.

And something happened to the lens while we were having lunch!

After lunch we explored the place, walked on roads (though it started raining). The place is so quiet and serene. You can relax on the beach, go for a walk or read your favorite book..
We just sat around the beach and talked and talked. It was so relaxing there.


We had dinner at our resort’s restaurant and slept early (because we had to go the backwaters in the morning)

Day 3

It started again with the amazing breakfast. We had breakfast early in the morning, around seven because we wanted to leave for boat ride as soon as possible.

So we went for the boat ride then. The backwaters of Palolem was a little scary. It was a lonely place that time. We were the only one going for the ride.





Though the people there were too friendly. 
It was such a quiet place. We saw fishes. Prominent site for bird watching!
It was totally worth it spending 11 dollars. 





It was our last day in Palolem. After the super amazing boat ride, we left for the Varca, which is also in South Goa. You can find taxis easily in Goa. So conveyance is not an issue. We booked ours for 1500 INR ($22). It took us almost an hour to reach there.
We reached there around 12 (noon). I didn’t know about the resort at that time. My friend booked it so it was a surprise for me. I was so excited 😛
It was Ramada Caravela Beach Resort. It is so so beautiful. Surrounded by landscaped tropical grounds, it offers direct access to Fatrade Beach, and is 10 km from both Fatorda Stadium and Madgaon train station. It has got one restaurant, a cafe and three bars (one beachfront). There’s also an exercise room and a sauna. 


Check-in here was a little slow (because it was fully packed that time). Anyhow that didn’t bore us ’cause we were trying to fix our camera (actually the lens). Something went wrong with the lens when we were in Palolem. Don’t know what was the reason, moisture or dust or something else! 
Anyways , then we checked-in and the room was LOVELY. It had a big washroom and a balcony too! And guess what? We got this amazing luxurious five star hotel for JUST 11000 INR FOR TWO DAYS ($162). Amazing, no? We booked it from nearbuy.com

We changed and went to the beach and clicked photos, photos and photos! So many photos! The beach was so clean and the sea was alluring. 




We wanted to explore the place so got a bike on rent. He charged us 1200 INR ($17) for 2 days. We then left to explore the city.
I saw a “bhutta wala” at the road side and he had the best spicy bhuttas ever.


We were just roaming here and there and a beautiful restaurant caught our attention. It was the Garden Court restaurant in Varca. It is so so Beautiful. It is decorated with flowers and plants. I really liked the theme. And the food was delicious. We had manchurian with fried rice. Few things were not available due to off season. But overall it was a good experience. And it was cheap too. Costs 1050 INR ($15) for two.


On our way back to the hotel, it started raining so heavily. We got wet. But we enjoyed it too. Goa looks so captivating in Monsoon.

Day 4

This beautiful day was started with the mouth watering breakfast at the resort. I had fruit salad, Waffles, Dosas, Prathas, tea, Idli and omelette! 😛 


This is what we all do when we have breakfast included in our room package! lol

It was the typical “Beach Day”. We almost spent the whole day at beach. Clicked photos, played with the sand. It was too much fun. The beach was so clean.

After a while we went to the room. It was raining and the view from our balkn was so so alluring!


We had lunch at Domino’s.



At night, we went to a very popular restaurant, Fisherman’s Wharf. Rustic, shack-style riverside restaurant serving Goan-style seafood with entertainment. This place is a must visit when you are in South Goa. Some of the delicious dishes we ordered were, Spring rolls and Fish curry with rice. Also there Long Island Ice Tea was the best. The staff was too friendly. We also had the Bebinca, a traditional Goan dessert. It tastes so good and is one of my favorite. It’s a little expensive place, costs 2500 INR (i.e., $36) for two but worth giving a try. ❤

So the last night in Goa went so well.

We had our flight late in the evening, so we just packed all of our stuff in the morning and rushed to had the breakfast. 12 pm was our checkout time. Though we asked the staff to make it around 1. We put our bags at the reception, and went to the beach, sat there for like an hour watching the sea.  


And left for the airport around 3. The resort provides it own cab to the airport. And we got ours for 2000 INR ($29). The restaurant at the Goa Airport has the best chicken biryani ever. I always have it whenever I visit Goa (though the service is too slow!)


It was a great experience being there. You should once visit Goa in monsoon. And trust me, you’ll feel like you are in paradise.

Thank you so much for giving your precious time reading my post.

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