Top 5 Beach Shacks in North Goa

Goa is one of the most popular tourist destination. Enrapturing sunsets, picturesque beaches, delectable food and party nights. These completely defines Goa. It is just not famous for its superbly amazing parties but for its mesmerising and astonishing beach shacks too. From dirt cheap to pricey ones, you can find all here! I’m here listing some of the best beach shacks which serve great Goan food and perfect ambience. When in Goa, there’s no way you should be missing on these exquisite shacks.

1. Curlies Beach Shack, Anjuna Beach

Curlies is one of the most popular shacks in North Goa. Homely beach shack with rooftop seating and is one of the most active beach shacks in North Goa. It is for all the party goers and late night Zombies, this is the place to chill. You should definitely visit this place during sunset and try finding a place upstairs for a mesmerising view. It is amazing but a little crowded. I had lunch there with my friends and the food was so good. I tried their Calamari Batter Fry, Mix-fruit Pancake, Pina Colada and Espresso Lavazza. Their calamari Batter Fry was mouth-watering. I loved the food there. Costs INR 1500 for two. Fair price for finger licking food, no?

2. Club 21, Candolim Beach

Candolim beach is among the most visited beaches in North Goa. You have several food options there but I would always recommend Club 21 Beach Shack. It’s a great shack to spend time on. The staff is super friendly and will assist you in the best way possible. Another plus point is the cheap food. So absolutely a perfect place for backpackers and budgeted travellers. Wonderful for a peaceful day at the beach. I tried their Mix Fruit Basket and Chicken Fry. The food was yummy. Here the cost for two is INR 800.

3. Britto’s Beach Shack, Baga Beach

Baga beach is famous for its variety of Water Sports. It is the most crowded beach after Anjuna, I guess. It’s a place for party lovers. So if you are seeking for a peaceful lunch or dinner then it is definitely not your type. Though there are so many shacks on this beach. But the most popular one is Brittos. Though I didn’t get a chance to try this one. But if I visit Goa the next time, then definitely it will be on my list. Its cocktails are hit. Cocktail enthusiasts will be thrilled with what they find here. The Cost for two is INR 1400.

4. Thalassa, Vagator Beach

Thalassa offers an unforgettable Greek experience in Goa. It is perched on the edge of a high cliff, have a view of the Arabian Sea in Small Vagator village. This open-air restaurant offers one of the most spectacular sunset views in Goa and an astounding evening ambience. The food is moreish. I had visited this amazing place last year. And it was really a wonderful experience. There are amazing shops too. I had tried their Chicken Saganaki and Sangria. Sangria is something you should not miss at Thalassa. The Cost for two is INR 1500.

5. Sublime, Arambol Beach

Totally a place for Seafood lovers. Sublime is famous for its innovative fusion cuisine. Sublime makes for a fine dining experience right on the beach. The outdoorsy space has a carefree hippie touch and is decorated with colourful draped fabrics. Their Ginger Battered Calamari with Apricot Chutney and Sesame Tuna are quite famous. It is a perfect place for an astonishing dining experience. I missed this beautiful shack with piquant food last time. But it is definitely on my list for the next visit. The cost for two here is INR 1300 which is not too pricey.

These are the shacks which you definitely should not miss. Though there are a number of amazing shacks in Goa. But these are the ones with super amazing food and ambience. So if you are planning out your trip then do add them to your list.

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