Is It OKAY To Not Feel Okay?

All I was thinking this afternoon was what if things go completely out of my control in the near future? What if I’ll be doing something completely different? Something which I don’t like. Something which doesn’t fit in the frame of my dreams. Something which will burn me every day. Something that I can never call mine.

I know, we all go through such phases in life when we don’t feel comfortable with the things around. When we feel suffocated for no particular reason. When we are drowning in our own thoughts. When we are just not okay.

But sometimes it’s good to just let in all the energies. To self-introspect. Sometimes it’s good to feel it. Because we can’t expect good all the time!

Sometimes, it’s okay to not feel okay, no?
Baffling with all these mixed feelings, I ended up with another cup of caffeine!

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