9-5 Kind Of A Person? Read This

What do you understand when someone says, “I’m working”

Most of us think work is what we do “9 to 5”. But it is much more than a “9-5 thing”

I believe work is something which we love doing all the time. Something which makes us happy. Something that doesn’t feel like working. Something that makes our soul happy. Something that creates value. Something that makes a difference.
Something that makes life extraordinary.
Work is dedication.

Can you work for a company when you know you always wanted to create your own? You will always remain disappointed. A part of you will always cry. And you won’t be satisfied ever. Because you always believed in the society. And you accepted the very common 9-5 schedule.

I’m not against the 9-5 schedule or the people into it. I’m against those who think this is what work is!
The main aim of working is making yourself and your life better and happier.
If it isn’t happening, you are not working!

You are just surviving.
Give it a thought.

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