Ubud, Bali – Heaven on Earth

Ubud is a place where you can find peace and some very beautiful rice fields. It is one of my favorite place in Bali.

It’s a town of extremes. Some people fall over heels for its yoga-healthy living-new age vibes, while others find it all a bit too touristy.

One thing that can’t be denied is the town’s beauty. It’s surrounded by lush jungle and rice paddies, and there are ceremonies almost every day. There are no beaches here. I stayed here for almost 15 days and loved every bit of it. Though I’m a beach person but Ubud has a very different vibe.

It is something I can never forget. From delectable food to super friendly people, it has everything to make you feel so comfortable. The town has cafes and places for digital nomads too.

It has something for everyone. Don’t forget to explore it if you are planning for Bali anytime soon.

Captured this picture while I was having a very refreshing morning walk at The Infinity Villa, which is, surrounded by the beautiful rice fields 🍃

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