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Before my recent Business trip to Singapore, all I was doing is to look for a good business hotel where I can find all the amenities- a good WiFi, comfortable rooms, etc..


It’s hard to find such places because most of the hotels are a mix! Then I got to know about Ace Residences and thought to experience it for myself. 

Before saying anything, I have to say that the hotel is located in one of the most beautiful, colourful, and lively place. If you think about Instagram while you travel, you are at the right place, lol. 

The moment I entered the area, I LOVED IT. I was quickly greeted by one of the most friendly staff. She then proceeded to check me in to the place. The check in was so smooth. The staff is so well trained. And it was so quite and beautiful. 

And the best part, “high speed WiFi”. Being a traveller and influencer, I have to upload and download high quality photos and videos, etc. So WiFi is something I really care for! 😅

The rooms were spacious and comfortably furnished. It had a fairly cohesive design filled with quality components. And the view was so good. It offers a pretty great view of the Singapore city. The room comes with basic amenities that is sufficient for a normal traveller.

The Ace Residences suite’s kitchen had absolutely everything, a washing machine, oven, clothes washing machine, full refrigerator and more! This is also where I got my caffeine fix daily.

In addition to spacious and comfortably furnished rooms the place has a big pool and a garden! What else do you need on a business trip? 🤔

The garden was a lovely place to take in the morning sun and enjoy some fresh air over a coffee. Also, in case you need a cup of coffee or tea and don’t wanna go out, you can easily make one in the room.

Their manager/helper is so amazing. She was always available for help. I wanted an early check inn and she made everything available on time. These little things make your stay memorable.

They have a number of properties in Singapore! Check out to have a look! 😍

So, if you’re looking for somewhere affordable and convenient for your Singapore trip, whether business or leisure, look no further.

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