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None of us are naïve, we know that whilst travelling is an incredible part of life, it isn’t as simple as sitting at home doing nothing.

Travelling is full of carefree moments that turn into the most incredible and special memories and travel insurance is that little investment that lets you sit back and relax. You can revel in the beauty of your surroundings knowing that travel insurance will take care of any  unanticipated circumstances that could occur whilst away.

There are some things that are totally out of our control when travelling and why should we let these vexing little things get in the way of a good time? On my recent visit to Bali, I faced a very horrible situation. I got an eye infection from somewhere and when I visited the hospital, they charged me an administration fee of $100. Well, that’s not it. It was just the administration fee. After this, the consultation fee was $40 and then some $60 for medicines. And then a re-checkup! Woahhhhh…

Back in India, even if I go to the best of the best hospital, I’m sure I would have done everything under $40. But that was the need of the hour. I had no other options. That time, I realised the importance of Travel Insurance!


Travel Insurance is often viewed as an unnecessary expense, although it can save you a fortune if things go wrong while you’re travelling, from covering the cost of accidents to providing 24-hour emergency help. No one wants their beautiful trip abroad to go awry, but it’s important to realise that something bad could happen, and in these situations it always helps to be covered by a good travel insurance policy.

After realising it’s importance, I straight away started researching for the best one. And then I got to know about SafetyWing, and I was totally blown. It offers just everything in $37 per month. The World’s First Insurance For Digital Nomads, By Digital Nomads. From loss of luggage to medical emergency, it has you covered. Designed for traveller of all sorts, it guards a traveller from harm or loss that is only unique to a traveller. What else do I need? 😍✈️

I’d recommend it for every traveller. Why to risk your travels when you can get an insurance for as low as $37 a month. To know more about it, click here,

Don’t see travel insurance as a bad omen, but rather a comfy security blanket just in case! Enjoy your trip to the fullest extent, remembering that no cost will ever be able to compare to the incredible experiences you will undoubtedly have and the memories you will make!


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