This one is for all of you

Two years ago, if you would have asked me how would I create a lifestyle for myself where I could travel the world, live freely, create content and share it with you all, I’d have felt really uncomfortable to answer that question.

If you would have asked me about my dreams, I would have gotten nervous to share them with you, because I only knew the “what” not the “how”. Looking back, I believe that is what matters. You only need to know the “what” and have a strong burning desire for it, because if you’re sure about getting the “what”, the universe will figure out the “how”. When I left my comfort zone - my home, my friends, my university, my city - I was nervous, I was afraid. I was low on my bank balance but high on my dreams. The same dreams that made me uncomfortable.

But within a month of leaving my home, I knew there was no going back. I had the freedom to do whatever I want, go wherever I want, and most importantly, dream whatever I want. The taste of freedom made me realize that it was the one and the only thing I’ve been craving for. And travel gave me that freedom. The freedom to fly high. The freedom to live high. Meeting new people, sharing dreams, knowing new cultures, learning new languages, waking up with the rays of sun on my face and sleeping with zero regrets, that is what travel gave me. It changed my perspective to see the world. It made me realize that dreams really come true when you want them “bad enough”.

We are afraid to pursue our dreams because we feel that either we don’t deserve them or that we’ll be unable to achieve them. But then our hearts suffer the most. Remember that wherever your heart is, you will always find your treasure there.

So this one is for all of you, every single one of you. And I really mean it. Without your constant motivation, without your DMs, comments, and likes, without your appreciation, I would not be where I am today. I promise I won’t stop here, and in fact - it only gets better from here.

Cheers to us  #theglowingfam ❤

Once again, thank you so much for this opportunity @traveldotearth @sabahtourism @shangrilarasaria 💙✈️

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